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Clear On Purpose...

About Us

Hi my name is suki and this was all my idea...


I would love to tell you that what I have done is groundbreaking, revolutionary, or new, but it's just not.  "Old School" is more like it - or perhaps even   sentimental.  We're a bit of a throwback you see, to when business was truly about building relationships, locally; when having values in everything we do was important. 

We're an antidote to global corporate consumerism that dominates our cultural landscape, and being the mainstream business model means by definition, you probably have no interest in what we do or have to offer, and that's OK - we're not for everyone!

We're more niche, alternative; a business who's mandate is to be profitable by genuinely helping; to make a real impact and difference to the lives of people, and small businesses alike by Introducing people to products and service they wouldn't/couldn't normally use, with companies they wouldn't never normally know about...


They say simplicity is the key to brillliance.

As a consumer, see us as your personal incentive-introduction service;


As a Client tell, us what you want and we'll see what we can do;

As a business, see us as your own marketing department that you can access when you need.

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10 Gloucester Avenue,




Tel: 01753 208 908

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