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Like most things Mutually Equitable is a direct consequence of my experience as a hard working father, and small business owner; 

Using the incentive ethos to introduce products/services that'd normally be out of reach, out of sight, or out of mind;

Not "something for nothing", rather, shared expereinces and mutual responsibility;

It's about creating an alternative - together...

Who? -

It's not about building something big, it's about building something great.

We are a small  British business, working with other small British businesses with a similar vision; build a community, to fulfil the needs of a community.  Understanding the symbiotic relationship is why we appreciate that: the needs of the small businesse is as important as the needs of the consumer.


I have worked in/with various types of businesses from large corporation types, to small sole-trader types including companies like Petchey Group, Gala Bingo, Caneston, Bayer, Vicks, Duracell, and the British government ; in various capacities including market research, Customer Relationship Management, incentives, direct marketing, product fulfilment; and in various sectors like import/export, travel and tourism, medical, fincance, public, leisure... 


I have a unique spectral insight and perspective to the world of business; it's relationship with you, how things really work and what things are really worth.

What? -

It's as good as free, and it's without obligation.

Technically we're a boutique  direct-marketing company, offering smaller companies access to ad-hoc direct-marketing specialist services whenever they need.  We offer  services to any MSME business: whether that be simple advcie, hands on, full management, or something in between.


Our speciaility is incentive marketing, provision, and fulfillment - real incentives that will have a real and genuine difference and impact on your life.  We focus on MSMEs and give them a chance to survive against the large corporation by providing an alternative to exorbitant costing and low yielding advetising methods. 


Whether you come to us, or we came to you, our general aim is to give you access to products and services that perhaps normally you might feel you "couldn't", "wouldn't", "shouldn't".  All as good as FREE, without obligation, simple!

How? -

It ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it.

IT's simple, we start with a great community of associates which are people I have worked with, know well, and trust.  Not only are they an excellent resource pool of products and services for incentives but often our best clients.


Basically a business will come to us for help, and this could be help with marketing, research, product development, or customer relations.  Depending on the nature of the project we will either use their own product/service as an invcentive, or bring in another one form another associate or open source.  So depending on the campaign either we contact consumers and offer them an incentive or someone will contact us and we offer them a product/service as an incentive.


Either way the consumer gets to try something for as good as free, and without obligation because that business has been able to reach out to that person, conducive to theirparticualr product/service, directly and without it costing them a small fortune - win-win, right?


Obviously once part of our community any of our customers are free to try any product or service from any of our community of associates.  Whenever an associate contacts us with a new campaign, it's a chance for our community of customers to grow, and whenever one of our customers contacts us for a product/service not found with any of our associates, it's a chance for our community of associates to grow!


Why? -

Success is in the eye of the beholder.

First and foremost, we're doing this to provide for our loved ones, but this is a given; a fundamental goal to fulfil, like most folk.  This though is not enough or an end in itself.   I believe that "good" business, does not just mean "profitable" where, the more profitable, the "better" the business;  I want to re-affirm "good" business to mean "smart, simple, genuine, responsible, open, useful, generous..."; to refocus on how things are done as the defining character of a business rather than just it's profit; that there's nothing wrong with doing well financially, it's a reward for working hard and doing "good" business and something that should be resented.

I want to MAKE A REAL CHANGE THAT WILL HAVE REAL TIME, MEASURABLE EFFECT IN THE LIVES OF ALL THE PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH MY BUSINESS including associates, clients, company members, community, family... I want to fight the good fight, for our corner against the tidal wave of globalisation.  We will never be a large corporation as we simply don't cater for the mainstream corporate market - they can have it!  We look after the few who count to us, for whom we count, and for whom we make a real difference - that we can be proud! 

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