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Business Services


Prosepct and Client Services

We can privide over the whole spectrum of prospect and client generation startign with:

Prospect Generation Before you can think about sales or even marketing in any meaningful sense you need an audience.  Whether it's creating from scratch, sourcing; using affinity/transactinal strategies, refferals...  We consider all the different pertinent parameters and put together the ideal strategy.
Prospect Managment The transition from marketing to sales, once you have your audience the next thing is to find the optimal strategy which could be offline, online, or a combination, and looking specifically at method, medium, message to not only create specific campaign with high conversion ratio and conducive prospects, but also maximise return from those who do not respond.

Client Generation Similarly to prospect management, this where you would take the prospective people (leads) to turn them into revenue generating clients.  Similarly to our prospect management approach, we would look at every variable to create optimal strategy.

Client Management Often passive and reactive, there to placate clients with queries and problems, this is a massively overlooked and underutilised area which is without doubt a very important part of revenue and profit generation in terms of PR, resource managment, return business and self gnerated clients; not to mention all important potential regulatory issues.


Quite an interesting area which can be utilised in a number of ways.  We can undertake classic random access, or random probability for open source or existing client base and all done through the telephone for expediency. Teaming up a campaign with some sort of incentive, perhaps conducive, is something that we could very easily impliment.

Event/Product Launch

Quite a specialised area where you might want to promote an event, either as an end in itself, or as a product/service launch.  There are a massive number of variables that need to be considered, and tend to reach the far corners of direct marketing knowledge and strategy to creat a "prospect/client on-site".


Full Project Management

This is where we just take care of of it all, whether just the marketing element, sales element, or the entire process cycle.  Once we know what end product the client wants, we take care of everything to deliver. Of course, and as always, we intigrate progress and perfoirmance reporting systems within and without the project.


Essentially this is where we talk about it but don't actually do anything, (operational anyway).  This includes quite a broad spectrum including design, analysis, strategy, training, processing, or just as a soundboard about something.


The opposite of Consulting,  this where, you know what you want done, and just need someone to do it.  You can use our help either as an outsoure - where we we would deploy your campaign using our facilites; or in-house - where we would deploy onsite using your facilities. 


Where a redeemable incentive has been utilised in conjuntion with a campaign or project then we will look after the entire fulfilment process, including collateral production and distribution, processing, delivering, and so on...

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