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When it comes to finances, generally most people tend to stick their head in the sand and hope for the best (the old, "stick the card in the wall and hope some money comes out"!).  However deep down we know that the truth is that if we want any chance of financial stability we should at least know what's going on and what our options are - at the very least...  However most folk tend not to do this because either they feel they can't afford it, they don't know where to go, or just plain had no idea who and what is available to them.  We have a number of options available where we will introduce you to someone who can offer specific help, or a more general service.




One of the most neglected in the pension indusrty, there are literally millions of frozen pensions out there that have simply been abandoned mainly because people believe they're not worth anything, or told nothing can be done. Millions of unclaimed pensions are simply kept by the pension companies, it's your money, you could be sitting on thousands, find out what your worth, it's free, it's quick, it's one phone cal...

Pension Review

Good finance doesn't happen by accident, everyone should at least know what's going on and what their options are regarding their retirment.  We DO NOT simply sell your information to the highest bidder; we will introduce you to a qualified Financial Advisor for a personal one-to-one in a manner that suits you.  Find out what's going on, understand what it means, and know what your options are.  It's free so there's no excuse!

Tiny Pots

The other one of the most neglected in the pension industry.  Most financail service companies don't want to bother with the smaller pots as there's not enough money in it for them so they tell people to leave them where they are - and they start believing it's not worth it as there aren't any options.  Now there is a service specifically for smaller pensions; find out what's going on, understand what it means, and see what you options are.  It's free so there's no excuse!

Stockbroker Savvy

This is another free service for those who are a little more hands on, or a little more savvy.  In essence you will have direct access to your own stockbroker free of charge who will directly look after your needs, to ensure you get the best you can based on your needs.


As always, we would advise anyone to ALWAYS get proffessional advice or help when dealing with this sort of thing.  In particular when dealing with alternative investments which although give better returns, does require somoe who might be a little more adventurous when it comes to investing.  For those who don't have a taste for such speculation, there are always regulated which is more suited for the "every man" type of investor.  We could introduce you either directly with an investment house, or you could go through an advisor we introduce to you.


Wealth Management


Good finance does not happen by accident, and rather than specific services this is more of a general overhaul, again we will introduce you to a qualified financial advisor who can cover everything from Tax allowences to inheritence, speak to a proffessional and get on top of your finances.  As always the initial review and full consultation would be free, and should you wish to use their services, any fees would be disclosed.









We actually have a seperate site dedicated to our lifestyle incentive services, feel free to take a look at Cleverwookie.

Wealth Management
Wealth Mgmt
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